Alternate Funding Plans

The 2000 and 2004 Physician Services Agreements between the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) and the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) together provide more than $225 million in new annual funding to support AHSC physicians.

2016 Innovation Showcase

Physicians at The Ottawa Hospital were awarded two of the eight awards being celebrated at the Provincial Innovation Showcase 2016 in Toronto on November 17.

The Innovation Fund ($10M per year) was created in 2008 to support the development of new and innovative approaches to health care delivery and to provide leadership in the dissemination of new knowledge across the health-care system. To date, the Innovation Fund has provided seed funding to more than 800 projects across Ontario. 

This year’s Innovation Showcase saw 80 projects invited to participate through poster presentations and panel discussions. Of these, the following seven were from The Ottawa Hospital:

Dr. Lisa Calder (Emergency Physician) – Implementation of a Structured Hospital-wide Mortality & Morbidity Rounds Model

Dr. Husein Moloo (General Surgeon) & Dr. David Schramm (Department Head, Otolaryngology) – Enhancing Surgical Safety Culture and Improving the Quality of Surgical Care at TOH

Dr. Andrew Seely (Thoracic Surgeon) – Improving Patient Care through the development and implementation of the Thoracic Surgery, Quality Monitoring, Information Management and Clinical Documentation System

Dr. Sony Singh (Obstetrician/Gynecologist) & Dr. Calvin Thompson (Anesthetist) – Planned Early Discharge after Laparoscopic (PEDAL) Hysterectomy Study

Dr. Homer Yang (Anesthetist) & Ms. Susan Madden (APN, Acute Pain Service) – Post Op Home Monitoring After Joint Replacement

Dr. Jeffrey Perry (Emergency Physician) – Validating a Screening Strategy to Improve the Detection of Adverse Drug Reactions in Emergency Departments; and

Dr. Christian Vaillancourt (Emergency Physician) – Innovative Use of AED's by Nurses and Respiratory Therapists during In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest

The Showcase included an award presentation for excellence in eight categories. Dr. Richard Weisel, Chair, Innovation Fund Provincial Oversight Committee (IFPOC), presented the two awards to The Ottawa Hospital in the following areas:

  • Best Innovation in Chronic & Patient-Centred Care  – Dr. Homer Yang & Ms. Susan Madden
  • Best Innovation in Patient Safety & Quality of Care – Dr. Sony Singh & Dr. Calvin Thompson

The Ottawa Hospital Academic Medical Organization (TOHAMO) is the governance organization that represents the 815 academic physicians who practice at the hospital and university. The TOHAMO Board oversees the allocation of $1.169M in innovation funds locally through a competitive grants process.

“TOHAMO is pleased to support the academic physicians annually through the innovation funds competition process.  The Innovation Showcase was a success for TOH physicians and on behalf of the Board we congratulate all of our participants and award recipients,” said Dr. Guy Hébert, Chair TOHAMO.