Board & Governance

Good governance is essential for the success of the AFP at The Ottawa Hospital.  The Ottawa Hospital Physicians, the Ottawa Hospital and the University of Ottawa each commit to joint governance and accountabiliity as set out in the AFP agreement.  The accountability of the three parties includes the provision of clinical services, academic activities and leadership and innovation in health care delivery.   

Practice Plan Administrators

The TOHAMO Practice Plan Administrators Group

  • Jim Bottomley

    Jim Bottomley

    613-301-9610 Read Bio
    AFP Business Manager,
    Obstetrics/Gynaecology/MNBC & Otolaryngology
  • Charlotte Dafoe

    Charlotte Dafoe

    613-798-5555 x16405 Read Bio
    Administrative Coordinator,
    Critical Care
  • Geoff de Launay

    Geoff de Launay

    (613) 733-2344 x 223 Read Bio
    Business Manager,
  • Cheryl Geymonat

    Cheryl Geymonat

    613 798-5555 ext. 17755 Read Bio
    Executive Director,
    Emergency Physicians Associates
  • Lynne McHardy

    Lynne McHardy

    613-798-5555 x19538 Read Bio
  • Sharon McInnis

    Sharon McInnis

    613-761-5274 Read Bio
    Administrative Assistant,
  • David McIver

    David McIver

    613-737-8899 x74761 Read Bio
    Manager, Accounting,
  • Michael Reid

    Michael Reid

    613-737-8899 x78029 Read Bio
    Associate Business Manager,
  • Raymond Rousson

    Raymond Rousson

    613-737-8899 x78793 Read Bio
    Business Manager,
  • Beth Sammon

    Beth Sammon

    613-737-8899 x78132 Read Bio
    Program Manager, TOHFPP-AFP,
    Family Medicine
  • Mario Villemaire

    Mario Villemaire

    613-737-8899 x73044 Read Bio
    Executive Director, OHRIA,
    Medical Imaging
  • Ted Waring

    Ted Waring

    613-737-8899 x78787 Read Bio
    Chief Administrative Officer,