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2015 Election Results

Dec 3, 2013

2015 Election Results – OHPA/TOHAMO Director

OHPA held a nomination process between March 9 – 19, 2015 to replace Dr Douglas Smith (from the Department of Medicine) as OHPA Director to serve on the TOHAMO Board.  The nomination deadline was Thursday March 19, 2015 and only one nomination was received, which was from the Department of Medicine. 

I am pleased to announce that Dr. Alan Karovitch from the Department of Medicine has been acclaimed as one of six OHPA Directors to serve on the TOHAMO Board for a term of five (5) years. Please join me in welcoming Dr. Karovitch to his new role.  We look forward to Dr. Karovitch’s contributions and expertise that he will bring to our Board.  Congratulations Alan.

Dr. Guy Hébert

President OHPA

Chair, TOHAMO Board




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