Strategic Plan

The TOHAMO Board of Directors undertook a strategic planning process in September 2009. The process included: development of a TOHAMO Mission and Vision, strengths, opportunities, aspirations and measure of results.

Following discussion, reflection, debate and review the Board developed a mission that reflects the evolving role of TOHAMO in supporting AHSC physicians in achieving excellence. The Board also identified the following strategic directions to guide and focus its activities.

Working collaboratively The Ottawa Hospital Academic Medical Organization will:

  • Improve and enhance communication within TOHAMO and externally.
  • Strengthen the strategic partnership with the Practice Plans.


It is the responsibility of the TOHAMO Board of Directors and the Director to develop and implement a fiscally responsible tactical plan to ensure progress is made against the Strategic Directions identified in this plan.

The Board of Directors will report progress in achieving the Strategic Directions to the membership at the Annual General Meeting and the published Annual Report.


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Working collaboratively over the next two years The Ottawa Hospital Academic Medical Organization will:

  • Improve and enhance communication within TOHAMO
  • Strengthen the strategic partnership with the Practice Plans.


  • Improve and enhance communication within TOHAMO and externally
  • TOHAMO will strengthen existing forums of communication.
  • TOHAMO will create additional forums of communication
  • Enhance the profile of TOHAMO both internally and externally
  • Enhance communication with TOHAMO stakeholders and promote physician engagement
  • Enhance the benefit of AFP to all TOHAMO stakeholders.
  • TOHAMO will work with relevant bodies locally and provincially to promote the best interests of TOHAMO and its members
  • TOHAMO will work with other AFP’s to develop common policies in areas of common interest

Enrich the strategic partnerships with the Practice Plans

  • Ensure TOHAMO is providing support to Practice Plans to enable them to be compliant with the terms of the agreement
  • TOHAMO will collaborate with the Practice Plans to (extend and leverage TOHAMO’s own internal capacity.) What does this mean?
  • TOHAMO will look for opportunities to collaborate with Practice Plans and create opportunities for mutual benefit.
  • Ensure that TOHAMO is providing maximum support to Practice Plans
  • Foster mutual respect and collaboration between Practice Plans and TOHAMO.


The Board of Directors has identified three broad strategic directions and underpinning strategies to guide and focus the activities of TOHAMO. The next step is to develop an achievable complimentary Tactical Plan. The Tactical Plan will clearly articulate for each Strategic Direction:

  • Specific objectives/actions that will be taken to support the strategy and achieve the strategic direction
  • The individual or group responsible for the activity
  • Timeframe(s) for the activity
  • Expected outcomes/success criteria
  • Anticipated resources and costs of the activity.


The Director is responsible for providing the Board of Directors with monthly status reports on the progress against the tactical plan. The Board will provide the membership with an overall progress report through the Annual Report and at the Annual General Meeting.

TOHAMO encourages members of TOHAMO and its stakeholders to provide ongoing input and feedback with respect to this plan and its progress by sending their comments to


Dr. Guy Hébert – Board Chair

Dr. Kevin Baker - Board Vice Chair

Dr. Sharon Whiting – The University of Ottawa Representative

Dr. J.R. Worthington – The Ottawa Hospital Representative

Dr. Katharine Gillis – Chair Representative

Dr. Joe Pagliarello – OHPA Director

Dr. David Schramm - OHPA Director 

Dr. Doug Smith – OHPA Director

Dr. Dan Smith - OHPA Director

Dr. Sudhir Sundaresan – Chair Representative

Ms. Connie Colasante - TOHAMO Executive Director